Experience a new way to change from the ground up

~ Release old programming that doesn't serve you in your mind and body.
~ Transmute thought patterns and physical patterns that cause distress and dis-ease.
~ Open your heart to more of your true self and to more inner peace.


If you want change, change your mind. We hold beliefs consciously, and deep below consciousness, old experiences, trauma, conditioning from childhood and culture, some are so consistent we believe they are "just the way it is". These beliefs affect our relationships, our work, how we feel about our selves, our health and vitality, and even our fundamental beliefs about how things work in the world and what is possible. When I work with clients I work directly on these beliefs, from the unconscious level to the conscious level.

 This Holistic Inner-Coaching with Matrix Energetics can shift:
  • Unconscious Core Beliefs that limit you or make you create what you don't want in life. (That "Oh this again feeling.")
  • Overwhelm and Stress
  • Phobias
  • Relationship or Work Difficulties
  • Unresolved Trauma - Freeing Up Life Force Energy
  • Learning to integrate and Love All of Yourself
  • Health Patterns - The Emotional and Energetic Connections
  • Accessing Your Own Inner Guidance
  • Problem Solving / Decision Making
  • Conscious dreaming and Intending

Hello. My name is Becky. I am a holistic coach and healer, and I help people in moving toward
freedom, releasing the road blocks on the path to their goals.

Experience a new way to change from the ground up.

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How can I help you? What are you looking to shift in your self and in your life?

On the conscious level, I work with people to change ineffective patterns and behaviours, gently release traumatic issues, and learn new skills to move toward their fulfillment. I help them to discover or deepen their understanding of their true feelings and desires, and how to move toward them. I help them learn to become and stay more authentic in any situation.

Below the level of consciousness, augmenting all the personal change work, energy healing techniques can support and speed the process of gentle change, accessing avenues of change we wouldn't necessarily think of with our conscious minds. 

We all have recurring patterns in our lives, some that support us, but many that don't serve us well.   When the negative patterns are strong enough or deep enough, they may keep us from feeling good on a regular basis, or from moving towards what we want and need.

These negative patterns might be experienced as internal states: negative inner voices that tell us what's wrong with us or that we're not good enough, low self-esteem, tending to feel anxious, overwhlemed or bored, confusion, chronic stress, constant sadness or irritation...

Or they might be experienced as challenging life experiences that keep following us around and repeating: difficulty following through with a plan or a goal, an inability to make decisions, challenges in the workplace or with authority, always attracting the wrong kind of people in relationships, anger or other emotions that keep affecting the relationships we do have, difficulty connecting with people to begin with...

When we can't get these patterns to change, there may be hidden beliefs and assumptions fueling them that need to be released. Or there may be skills and techniques needed to change the behaviours or feelings in effective ways.

How I work with People 

My private practice serves people one on one in an intimate setting, helping them to release the negative, and move toward a greater experience of self-supportiveness, peace, and fulfillment. 

I help people tap into their own innate inner wisdom and intelligence, while using many cutting edge approaches that change and release pain, distress, limiting blocks, and outdated subconscious programming. Matrix Energetics, Reiki, basic grounding and self-orienting skills, developmental character structure principles (to help understand the basic type of patterns you get in to and how to effectively get out of them), intuitive healing, and guided self-inquiry, all combine with your innate intelligence and your personal intentions, to create new realitites for you.

Holistic Inner-Coaching is the process through which you can examine your life, discover your deeper truths, and explore your possibilities for change. Embodying skill sets to transform bad habits into good ones, learning to connect to your own inner guidance, re-framing situations to open up to new possibilities - are just some of the ways this approach can feed the changes you need.

For a more detailed description: Holistic Inner Coaching.

Matrix Energetics and Energy Work move below the level of consciousness to help shift what we tend to resonate with and therefore attract, create, or feed with our thoughts. It helps us move into alignment with, and to integrate, new positive ways of being that we access though our inner-growth process. Finally, it may sometimes even bring about new changes we hadn't thought of, as our unconscious minds and bodies are often ready for a change that we hadn't been aware of.

For a more detailed desciption: Matrix Energetics.

People will see their patterns shifting within 5 to 10 sessions.

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