About Me

My Background and Path to this Work

I've been interested in Consciousness exploration for as long as I can remember. I began working with energy systematically a decade and a half ago with my first Reiki workshop and attunement. My own path of personal healing and growth brought me to many wonderful healers and master teachers. But ultimately I was opened to my greatest teacher, an inner guidance that has an organizing structure and wisdom that has never ceased to surprise and amaze me. This guidance led me into studies of the subconscious and the ways it can both limit us and help us to get free. It led me to studies of super-consciousness, and the vast potential inherent in all of us. My path has spiraled around through many approaches to one goal, the freedom that comes from the inner embracing of all parts of self.

The energy body is the substrate of the physical, emotional, and mental bodies, and I've found using energetic practices a powerful way to change. As I integrated lost parts of myself, depressions lifted, distorted core beliefs shifted, new capacities opened, and physical health improved. I've spent the last 9 years studying energy and consciousness with Lynda Cessara and her advanced students.

With the discovery of Matrix Energetics, I found a way to go beneath even the energy level, to the level of pure consciousness. This often allowed greater shifts with less work and more fun. Energy moves through time, and still acts as a process within time. Consciousness is what gives rise to time, and to all experience within us. So shifting consciousness can potentially shift anything. My life has become much more enjoyable since being introduced to Matrix Energetics and other consciousness techniques. I also enjoy talking with people, using what I call "conscious questioning" as well as principles from NLP to help people find their own inner knowing, their true desires, and the ways they can really bring these to fruition in their lives.

I bring a wide array of skills to my work, as well as presence, commitment, and a passion for change.

Modalities I've studied and/or trained in:

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