Holistic Inner-Coaching

Holisting inner coaching is directing people toward the wholeness that is already within. 

It is an invitation for people to find their own core, their authentic feelings and true desires. And from there, to step out into their lives and their relationships in more functional ways. 

Both within and without, there are these parts of us that are high-functioning, and these parts that are missing data, skills, or developmental maturity.

What do you know? What do the stuck parts of you know and need? How and why are they calling for your attention? What do the wise and integrated parts of you know and how can they help the stuck parts along? Inner growth is a long process, but we seek to speed it up by getting all that lives within us on board, and using tools and practices that support our natural blueprints for moving toward wholeness and happiness.

Holistic inner coaching directs people toward the wholeness that is already within, while supporting the development of skills and insights to help bring what's within without. 


I create a space that is just for you. 

Within that safe space I seek to use my skills to help you really clarify what you want, and anchor in the changes.

My inner-coaching skills and training  include:


tracking energetic fields and mental and emotional states,

teaching development of inner guidance,

energy psychology to uncover the subconscious layers influencing you, and to transform subconscious feelings and clear subconscious programming,

helping you to find, feel and reference your own core, which is the center of your true power and authenticity.This helps in all areas of your life, and is a powerful method for people who tend to be overtaken by other's agendas, feelings, or beliefs, or for people who just don't know how to go with themselves,

providing skills and strategies to reduce stress, or work with other day to day patterns that get in the way of your core intent.

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