Matrix Energetics & Energy Psychology

Matrix Energetics is a system of transformation that works on any area of your life.


It is based on subtle energy physics. When Richard Bartlett (N.D., D.C.) founded Matrix Energetics he understood that all systems have limitations. They work for some people but not others. He wanted a system that transcended itself. He wanted a system that had access to all systems but also accessed the power of the unknown, the untapped potential that is woven into the fabric of life. He understood that all information is potentially available to us through our unconscious connection to the whole; and that allowing change to come through unconscious pathways allows us to by-pass our own limiting beliefs and habits of resistance.

When we say Matrix Energetics is based on subtle energy physics, it is because at that level, reality is not seen as a fixed or immoveable thing, but as waves of infinite possibilities and probabilities. Matrix offers a way to access these fields of possibility to allow new and better patterns to emerge. It shifts our reality filters at the unconscious level, which then often shifts the way we experience "our reality".

During sessions people may experience waves of energy, and shifts in emotions, thoughts,  or sensations. It's also common for people to "experience" no change consciously in the moment, and then report back that something is showing up very differently in their lives. They may even find something that seemed to be separate from them, such as the behavior of somebody else, suddenly changes when their reality filters have changed. There's no limit to the ways Matrix shows up. It is truly unique in everyone.

Energy Psychology

Unlike energy work which often works below the level of consciousness predominantly, energy psychology works with the conscious mind, combining insight or self-awareness, with emotional clearing through a structured process. The re-patterning is often faster than with talk-therapy alone, yet gives more access to internal understanding than energy work may.

In this practice I use a few different types of energy psychology methods, including making sure you can be in your body and able to tune in to your inner states. We may invite shifts in focus that allow energy and information to flow through the system where it was blocked or distorted. This allows a more authentic and healthy experience, from which you can make fresh choices in the moment. I also like to use EFT (emotional freedom technique), which is sometimes called "The Tapping Thing". EFT is a simple, straight  forward system for clearing negative beliefs, traumas and emotional patterns. It works by running energy through the body physiology to reduce the charge or upset around whatever issues you are dealing with. Over time, these systems together can make a huge difference is changing long-standing behaviors and responses.

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