"Becky creates a safe environment in which to do very deep work. She has, with great care, loving kindness, and wisdom, helped me heal wounds caused by childhood trauma and experience far more of my energy and authentic Self."

- Donna, MFT

"A gifted healer who has put in her time." 

- Keith Stover, Landscape Designer, Oakland

"Becky, you are really, really, really good. You are helping me with the session, and with your kind written observations to open the door into the realm of endless possibilities which I knew that exists, but somehow without the experiential taste was unable so far to enter. Once again: THANK YOU!"

- Peter Fiala, New York

I have worked with Becky for some time.  She is remarkably sensitive to energy.  In fact, she was able to read energy that I was not yet even conscious of.  This process allowed me to drop into my truth and therefore create real change in my life.  Her work around trauma is particularly unique and remarkable in my experience

Ben Rea, LCSW

"I told her I thought I had some kind of issue in my kidneys and so she spent some time working on that and I had this amazing sense of peace come over me. And then when she had finished and she said to check it out I checked it out, and there was nothing there. I could press as hard as I wanted and it didn't hurt....I would recommend her for this type of work any time."

- Kevin Baluha, Theta Healing teacher and practitioner, and founder of Theta Alchemy

(Note - this was a no touch session. When Kevin speaks of me working on him that is with energy, consciousness, and intent.)

"The introduction to matrix energetics and its energy field has been invaluable.  In both sessions I felt that you helped me tap into something  that is deep and transformative.  I also appreciate your playfulness!  I feel that the sense of improvisation, lightness and play that you bring to the session has freed me up both in how I approach life and how I approach my own work as a healer.   Watching you physicalize my own issues and transformations has been illuminating. "

- Lisa G., San Francisco

"I thoroughly recommend Becky Medcalf as someone with great skill, talent and integrity who can help you to view things differently and as someone who can help you transform your life. Becky is incredibly insightful, gifted and supportive. Through her insights, excellent questions and energy work I was able to face and overcome some of the most traumatic experiences of my life. Becky helped me to shift focus from the smokescreens I had created, see the core issues - the truth of where my problems originated and, she helped to sweep the stagnant, painful energy out of the equation. I found myself able to express myself clearly and felt so much calmer and positive. I am eternally grateful for all the blessings my interactions with Becky have blessed me with. I was on a slippery slope and my life was filled with confusion and doubt. Don't think you don't deserve the gift of a session with Becky - with her help you can move beyond the blocks and embrace a lighter, happier, healthier you."

- Frances O'Hanlon, Ireland

"Becky's work is outstanding! I've had several sessions with her at this point and consistently, her calm, grounded, non-judgmental presence and the intuitive way she works with me put me at ease and allowed me to go deeply into my process. In our latest session, I went from almost total shut-down and despair to lightness and a visceral sense of empowerment and possibility. I've come to expect these quantum leaps when working with Becky and encourage everyone to treat themselves to this deeply moving experience."

- Rebekah Chauser, Oakland

"Becky is an inspiring Matrix Energetic Practitioner who has helped me tremendously in moving forward in my own life. She has the ability to go straight to the heart of a problem and move things in the right direction. Becky has been able to help me with my asthma and I was able to feel an immediate improvement. Her ability to listen and understand combine to make her an excellent practitioner and I would highly recommend Becky to anyone who is looking for transformation in their life."

- Phil C, MLCHom, Group Homeopath (UK)

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